Vorteil Kennel
AKC German Shepherds Breeding - Boarding - Training
German Commands

Hier = Here
Fuss = Heel
Bring = Fetch
Sitz = Sit
Platz = Down
Voraus = Send Away
Stand = Stand
Such = Track
Fass = Bite
Voran = Search
Revere = Search
Blieb - Stay
Aus - Out
Hopp - Hup
Pfui - Stop
IPO / Schutzhund Commands for training and trialing:
Fuss / Heel
Sitz / Sit
Platz / Down
Hier / Here
Stehen / Stand
Voraus / Go out
Hopp / Hup
Bring / Fetch
Such / Track
Aus / Out
Voran  or Revere / Guard

Vorteil Kennel training rates 

Board and train 1 week (seven days) $700 you bring your food. 

Start a good foundation on your pet for crate training, walking on leash without pulling, reliable recalls or correct bad habits or out of control behavior. Includes 1 follow up lesson with you at your home. 

Private lessons You and your dog.

$75 per hour.

Group Classes: Next group class starts January  7, 2020.Sign up before coming to class. Class is limited to 8 dogs. 


Use above link for online registration and dates of sessions.

Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn.
- Benjamin Franklin



Here (Recall) Dex nearly knocked me over on this recall.



Command is Such pronounced SOOK.

Freida tracking. She earned her BH and her Track 1 titles.


Heeling, dog is to walk beside you and watch for commands.

Dex earned his BH in August 2011, and did a fantastic job!
Zion is retrieving the dumbbell in his trial.   


Command is Revere or Voran. 

Dog is to bark at the agitor and hold him/her in place. The dog is trained to NOT bite until the agitator runs. The dog is trained to ONLY bite the sleeve in IPO/Schutzhund.

Zion earned his BH and Schutzhund 1 titles.
Anya learning stand at 3 months old. 
Retrieve over a 6 foot high scaling wall. 



No command. Once the agitator/helper breaks and runs, the dog chases and bites the sleeve with a full calm grip. He does not let go until the helper stands still. 

AUS  (Out). 
once the helper freezes and is still the dog has to let go of the sleeve on AUS and guard again with with a watchful energetic barking (some dogs do a silent guard).
sounds like Blib with a long i. 

Part of the temperament test in the BH is to leave your dog and hide where he or she cannot see you, here I told Zion to Bleib (stay here). He didn't need to be on a sit or down, he just needed to stay calm and where I left him.