Vorteil Kennel
AKC German Shepherds Breeding - Boarding - Training
Pups are line bred 5 -4SG Asko von der Lutter SCHH3, IPO3, FH1, 3X V BSP (BSP ´98 SIEGER), V WUSV 2000 SIEGER 
Pups were born 3/22/18.
4 males
2 females

One male is available now and one female will be available soon.   Price is $2,000 as training goes on the price will increase.  Ebo is a fun dog. He loves people, is ok with other dogs and is very willing to please. If you are looking for a german shepherd dog with a great temperament to be part of your family, then Ebo is a great prospect. 
He is a good candidate to work in AKC/IPO/SAR/ or really any venue. He likes to work.
His tracking is great for a pup his age, and he has a ton of food drive so teaching him obedience will be easy. 

He is vaccinated and crate trained and housebroken.

He is on a raw diet currently as that is how I feed all of my dogs. I believe it is far healthier than kibble. We use Raaw Energy. 

His mother and father are with me so anyone interested can meet them. He really takes after his father in his love of food and love of people. Call me at 518-694-1503 if you would like to set up a meeting. I would love to keep him but I am currently training his older half brother and his mother is still competing. 
Dad hips OFA Good Elbows normal IPO 1, KKL
Mom SV hips A rated Elbows normal. IPO3, KKL, FH National Competitor
No health or temperament issues. 

Pedigrees of parents links below.


V Gator von der Rennbahn
Full bite. Fast strike. Very good tracker. 
Wonderful Temperament. 

Hips: OFA GOOD   Elbows: OFA Normal
Dam:  SG Brazen IPO3 National Competitor, KKL, FH  2016 New England IPO Regional IPO3 Champion
Hip: a-Normal - Elbows: Normal
Qualities that are important are:
  • structure and conformation (hips and elbows have to be rated breed able by SV or OFA.)
  • train-ability
  • correct drives
  • temperament 
 "Our shepherd dog is a working dog, and that he must only be bred as such. With working dogs, however, usefulness ranks higher than beauty, indeed, their real beauty and their only nobility consist in their complete suitability and in a balanced, proportionate linking-together of each and every part."Capt. v. Stephanitz.